Resuscitation Trolley

Empowering infant care everywhere

The Resuscitation Trolley is a convenient and essential product that provides a comprehensive portable set of instruments for initial support for infants experiencing respiratory distress.

Experience Mobility and Efficiency with the Resuscitation Trolley

The Resuscitation Trolley is well-suited for delivery and post-delivery rooms, special care baby units, neonatal intensive care units, and any setting where immediate support is required.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy stand with 4 wheels for easy mobility
  • Integrated IV Pole for administering intravenous treatments
  • Basket for organizing consumable materials
  • Handle and mounting bracket for secure device placement

Designed to Accommodate:

  1. Baby Start Resuscitator (Code Number: 7236): Ensures safe and effective resuscitation for infants.
  2. Air/O2 Blender (Various Models Available): Facilitates precise control of oxygen concentration.
  3. Wetty Humidifier (Code Number: 7436): Adds humidification for enhanced respiratory care.
  4. Air Cylinder (3L): Compact and efficient source of air.
  5. Oxygen Cylinder (3L): Provides a reliable source of oxygen.

Customizable Configurations: The Resuscitation Trolley can be equipped with different combinations of products to meet specific needs:

  1. Air/O2 Blender + Baby Start + Wetty: Comprehensive resuscitation with heated and humidified gas.
  2. Air/O2 Blender + Baby Start: Resuscitation without heated and humidified gas.
  3. Air/O2 Blender + Wetty + Nasal Cannula: High Flow System Oxygen Therapy.

Versatile and Essential: Designed for ease of use, the Resuscitation Trolley is a versatile solution that ensures quick access to essential tools in critical situations.


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