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Introducing "Nido" Baby Crib

The “Nido” baby crib is a sophisticated answer tailored to the needs of healthcare professionals. The accompanying trolley, constructed from robust epoxy-painted steel, ensures both durability and safety, providing a secure environment for both longevity and the well-being of newborns.

A modern solution for
healthcare professionals

Crafted with the principles of Family-Centered Care in mind, the crib’s intelligent design allows mothers to stay close to their infants, promoting comfort and a nurturing environment. Safety is paramount, thanks to the rounded hood that offers protection for both the newborn and the attending nurse.

Cleaning is a breeze with non-toxic materials, and the versatile bassinet easily adapts to Trendelemburg and Fowler positions. The innovative handle on the crib’s hood enables a full rotation, ensuring convenient access to the newborn.

The crib’s transparent plastic structure not only simplifies cleaning but also facilitates phototherapy without the need to relocate the baby. The forward-facing handle promotes effortless movement and continuous observation during transport.

The standard “Nido” package includes a trolley with four castors (two lockable), a fire-retardant mattress, and an easily cleanable plastic bassinet.

More than just a crib, “Nido” transforms into a comprehensive neonatal care system with various accessories. The exclusive Round Cover Hood and Screen accessories offer advanced comfort and optimal protection during internal transport.

Embark on the future of neonatal care with “Nido” – where safety, functionality, and Family-Centered Care seamlessly converge for the well-being of both newborns and mothers.

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