Heating and Phototherapy Lamp

Cost and space savings

Having two functions in one device maximizes productivity and reduces operating costs.

ELIOS is designed for convenience and flexibility.

ELIOS integrates intensive phototherapy with heat treatment. The lamp is designed to be easily and safely placed over a crib, a changing table and even an incubator (with the heating turned off).

This flexibility is made possible by its robust height-adjustable steel stand and anti-tipping base equipped with swiveling wheels.

ELIOS overhead unit is equipped with:
• 6 directional (30°) Blue Power LEDs for phototherapy. The LEDs have a wavelength of 425-475nm, with a peak wavelength of 455nm, following the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

• 4 white Power LEDs for illumination. However, these lights can add to the power of the Blue LEDs for bilirubin breakdown as their white light includes ∽455nm wavelengths. The white LEDs allow optimal monitoring of the patient.

• 1 quartz resistance for infrared rays, servo-controlled by the skin probe.

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