Baby Shuttle

Advanced technology and comfort for neonatal transport

The Baby Shuttle transport incubator is designed to facilitate safe transportation of neonates and provide care within a moving vehicle, aircraft, or during internal transfers.

Ensuring safety on the move with Baby Shuttle

The specially designed incubator is mounted on a collapsible trolley with dimensions suitable for travel in an ambulance.

The incubator portholes and control panel are strategically positioned for easy access in confined spaces. The control panel features soft-touch keys arranged for error-free settings adjustment during transport. Additionally, the incubator, control panel, and data screen are designed for accessibility from both standing and seated positions, even in vehicles with limited height.

The incubator incorporates a sensor-controlled microclimate under an insulated, crushproof hood, making it suitable for premature babies. It is mounted on a smooth-tilt positioning system for effortless adjustment.

Equipped with two high-capacity sealed batteries, the BABY SHUTTLE incubator ensures over 90 minutes of autonomy, meeting the latest safety standards.

The baby’s temperature is displayed on the screen via a skin probe, allowing manual adjustment of the air temperature inside the hood. With the optional SKIN module, exclusive to the GINEVRI BABY SHUTTLE, the air temperature can be regulated automatically.

The BABY SHUTTLE incubator is available in three models: Normal Care, Special Care, and Intensive Care.


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