One Beam

Precision in neonatal bilirubin measurement

The One Beam bilirubinometer is the result of advanced technology and collaboration with renowned institutions, making it a reliable and safe choice for neonatal care. Its features are tailored to meet the needs of healthcare professionals, providing the accuracy and ease of use required for the effective management of neonatal jaundice.

Innovative technology for reliable results

Key Features:

  • Precision and Ease of Use: One Beam ensures accurate bilirubin levels, offering crucial support to doctors with its ease of use and remarkable accuracy. The system allows for prompt photometric analysis of bilirubin in the serum, using a capillary tube as an optical cell.
  • Photometric Measurement: Utilizing 455nm and 575nm wavelengths, One Beam distinguishes between conjugated and non-conjugated total bilirubin levels. The mathematical model accounts for interfering agents, such as haemoglobin, ensuring accurate results.
  • HD OLED Display: The high-definition OLED display provides clear readings of both bilirubin (mg/dl and μmol/l) and interfering agent (g/dl) values, offering comprehensive insights into the newborn’s condition.
  • Optimized Optical System: One Beam employs a single optical beam projected onto a fixed point of the sample, ensuring a stable signal by eliminating disturbing frequencies and reducing negative bilirubin photo-isomerization effects.
  • Single Point Measurement: The system measures only one point on the capillary tube, eliminating errors observed in past devices with two measuring points. This results in a stronger and more accurate signal.
  • Advanced Technology: Microprocessor-controlled electronic technology processes signals efficiently, promptly displaying the corresponding bilirubin level on the screen. An optional printer allows for quick documentation of test results.

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