Infant Warmer

Advanced infant care solution for temperature control and vital monitoring

A temperature-controlled environment is essential for the therapy and treatment of newborns. Alhena combines temperature control with easy access to the patient in the delivery room and NICU

Maximum flexibility with every parameter under your control at all times

- Heating can be set to Automatic, Manual, or Pre-Heating Modes.
- Visual and acoustic alarms ensure the safety of operation.
- The APGAR module helps determine the patient’s APGAR score by emitting audible and visual alerts at 1, 5, and 10 minutes

The cradle-base rotates and tilts from a ball-joint, giving maximum flexibility in positioning. Each sidewall of the base can be folded down or removed.

Alhena Plus adds a phototherapy system for treating babies with jaundice.
Phototherapy is delivered by 6 powerful blue LEDs (wavelength 455nm), and illumination is provided separately by 4 white daylight LEDs so that the patient’s effective skin color is easily observed.
To assist healthcare professionals in working safely and confidently, Alhena is equipped with a large color touchscreen display with a complete set of visual and acoustic alarms.
This allows for constant monitoring and control of all operational parameters Alhena offers direct control over temperature and provide easy observation and free access to the patient.
The smart design allows for the installation of various accessories on the Alhena, including equipment for ventilation, oxygen therapy, and all necessary components for monitoring vital signs


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