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Intensive Therapy Ventilator for Newborns

The GIULIA is a specialized intensive therapy ventilator designed for newborns, including those of low birth weight and premature infants. This time-cycled ventilator features a flow trigger, enabling the performance of conventional ventilation modes with a guaranteed volume mode. 

What sets GIULIA apart is its unique list of non-invasive ventilation modes, including NCPAP, NIPPV, synchronized flow for non-invasive NCPAP + backup apnea, SNIMV, and SNIPPV modes. In flow-synchronized non-invasive mode, GIULIA’s exclusive patented algorithm ensures that leaks do not influence ventilation. 

The algorithm keeps the end expiratory pressure constant by a continual compensation of leaks, thus guaranteeing the safety and precision of the ventilation.

For synchronization with spontaneous acts, GIULIA utilizes an extremely sensitive flow trigger with a minimum level of 0.05 l/min.

Ventilation Modes:

  • VTV (invasive only)
  • HHFNC (non-invasive only)

GIULIA facilitates a quick and easy transition between invasive and non-invasive methods. This occurs by replacing only the patient interface without the need to replace the entire circuit, significantly reducing time and costs for patient weaning.

Equipped with a 10.4” color touch-screen display, GIULIA provides a comprehensive view of all physiological parameters essential for ventilation. It allows users to monitor set values, limits, alarms, and up to 3 simultaneous curves/loops. Additionally, the ventilator enables the export of all parameters (measured and set up) and allows for easy screen-shot capture by simply inserting a pen drive, without any complex procedures, even during ventilation.

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