Heating and Phototherapy Lamp

Three-in-One Cost, space and time savings

MIZAR reduces hospitalization times and promotes early contact between mother and child.

Focus on excellence with all functions at your fingertips

MIZAR provides dual-intensive LED phototherapy and quartz technology for neonatal radiant heating. It is designed to integrate several functions in one device. MIZAR provides exceptionally efficient phototherapy, which has the double advantage of reducing hospital stay and returning the child to the mother faster.

MIZAR is equipped with:
• 12 directional Blue Power LEDs (30°) – 6 provide overhead heating from the head-unit and 6 heat from the under-crib unit; the two units can work separately. The LEDs have a wavelength of 425-475nm, with a peak wavelength of 455nm, following the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)..

• 4 white Power LEDs for illumination. However, these lights can add to the power of the Blue LEDs for bilirubin breakdown as their white light includes ∽455nm wavelengths. The white LEDs allow optimal monitoring of the patient..

• 1 quartz resistance for infrared rays, servo-controlled by the skin probe.

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