The new active servo-controlled humidifier

The new active servo-controlled WETTY humidifier is designed to heat and hydrate respiratory gases allowing thermo hygrometric conditions settings of delivered gas mixture to patient and parameter control to be shown on the dual display.

 WETTY features a double heating system (humidification chamber and heated wiring) enabling servo-control of set temperature and humidity preventing circuit condensation build-up. 

 WETTY is characterized both by an advanced technology and remarkable ease-of-use due to quick keys for automatic parameter setting on Invasive and Non-Invasive Ventilation. The manual mode allows to set the most suitable temperature and humidity levels of the mixture for therapy on small patients. 

 Specifically designed for neonatal use WETTY is indicated for invasive ventilation with an endotracheal tube, non-invasive ventilation (NIV), respiratory support (CPAP, Bubble CPAP, BIPAP, High flow) and neonatal resuscitation (T-Piece).


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