The double phototherapy lamp and radiant heating

Double phototherapy lamp and radiant heating. This equipment, which allows you to do phototherapy either from above that from below and also the radiant heating, is unique and very functional in the emergency for phototherapy and for heating.
The lamp conveys on the little patient in a short time a remarkable therapeutic potency for photosynthesis bilirubin and an efficient heating servo.

The equipment consists of:

  • An upper Lamp which permits to have both phototherapy and heating; It is equipped with an infrared radiant heating element for heating, 6 high efficiency blue Power LEDs for intensive phototherapy treatment and 4 high efficiency white Power LEDs for illumination and inspection of the newborn, everything integrated for use and control by an electronic micro-processor controlled control module;
  • A lower Lamp for a therapy from the bottom equipped with 4 high efficiency blue Power LEDs for intensive phototherapy treatment;
  • A moulding cradle transparent plastic PET with rounded;
  • A mattress Aquagel for heat accumulation, permeable to UV phototherapy;
  • A dedicated trolley to allow the cradle to assume Trendelenburg and Fowler positions, pivoting on four wheels (two with brake).

The heating system consists of a radiant quartz tube with infrared emission and it can be used in either Manual or Automatic modes.
Complimenting those functions already present, the Manual and Automatic, there is also a Pre-heating function which provides for the supply of 30% of the maximum heating output.
The phototherapy system makes use of the efficiency of Blue Power LEDs which supply a radiant potential superior to a normal neon tube lamp, thus greatly increasing the treatment’s efficiency.
The illumination system is equipped with 4 Daylight LEDs which supply a source of white light making for optimal visibility of the newborn.
The treatment is managed using the same micro-processor control which allows to set and monitor, using a dedicated time counter, the current, ongoing and remaining therapy times as well as the total phototherapy time and the life of the LEDs. 


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