Manual neonatal resuscitator

The Baby Start is a light and compact manual resuscitator, designed for use in delivery rooms and neonatal intensive and semi-intensive care units.

Various interfaces can be connected to a T-piece to carry out resuscitation: face-mask, short bi-nasal prongs, laryngeal mask, double-loop inspiratory cannula, and endotracheal tube.

The parameters—peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) and end-expiratory pressure (PEEP), or continuous positive air pressure (CPAP)—are set manually and read on the device.

An integrated timer counts seconds and signals 5, 10 and 15s with a longer sound.

The supply of air and oxygen is regulated at source by a flowmeter or a blender. An optional humidifier can be added to heat and humidify the gas flow.

The Baby Start is supplied with a single T-Piece patient circuit complete with face-masks (2 sizes),

The Baby Start can be mounted on an infant warmer, a transport incubator or a resuscitation trolley.



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