The simple and efficient manual resuscitator

The Baby Start is a manual resuscitator, light and compact, suitable for delivery rooms, postpartum, in special units for neonatal care and in NICU.

It is a simple and efficient device to resuscitate asphyxiated neonates by mask or endotracheal tube. Resuscitation is carried out with positive pressure, manual control and free expiration. The Gas mix flows in the lungs at pressures adjustable by the operator. The use of the T-piece can realize the desired PIP and to determine a constant PEEP to create the FRC and to improve the Tidal Volume.

Resuscitation pressures (PIP and PEEP) are easily readable on the fast response manometer. Above the chosen peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) the safety “max pressure” valve comes into operation to avoid the danger of excessive inspiratory pressures.
Manual resuscitation is achieved placing thumb on the PEEP valve, placed on the T-piece in a comfortable position for the operator. The gas mixture flows until the thumb is removed.

The resuscitator works connected to a supply of air, oxygen or a mixture of both, through a Flowmeter, Blender or a Mixer, that can be also connected to a Humidifier.

The device uses a single T-Piece patient circuit completed with a silicone neonatal mask, a Nasal Cannula or a Flow Cannula.

The Baby Start can be installed, by dedicated support, on Infant Warmers, on Transport Incubator or Resuscitation Trolley.

On the upper part of the device there is a button to activate the timer that counts seconds and that underlines, by a longer sound, 5, 10 and 15 s. This function is useful to perform a “sustained inflation”.



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