Advanced technology and comfort for neonatal transport

The BABY SHUTTLE transport incubator is designed to make it easy and safe to transport neonates and to provide care inside a moving vehicle, an aircraft, or for internal transfers.

The specially designed incubator is mounted on a collapsible trolley with dimensions ideal for travel on an ambulance. The incubator portholes and control-panel are positioned for easy access in a limited space. The control-panel has soft-touch keys laid out for error-free setting during transport. The incubator, the control-panel and the data screen are designed to be readily accessible from both standing and seated positions, also when height is limited inside a moving vehicle.

The incubator has a sensor-controlled microclimate under an insulated, crushproof hood, suitable also for premature babies. It is mounted on a smooth-tilt positioning system for easy adjustment.

The BABY SHUTTLE incubator comes with two high-capacity sealed batteries that guarantee over 90 minutes of autonomy, in accordance with the latest safety standards. The incubator automatically chooses which of its two mains sources (of 12 VDC and 230 VAC) to use to power the incubator itself and to charge the batteries.

The temperature of the baby is revealed on the display by a skin-probe, which is used to manually set the air temperature inside the hood. With the addition of the optional SKIN module, the air temperature can be regulated automatically, a function that is exclusive to the GINEVRI BABY SHUTTLE.

The BABY SHUTTLE incubator comes in three different models: Normal Care, Special Care and Intensive Care. According to the model, each incubator can be equipped with a specific series of accessories from the following list.

Normal Care Special Care Intensive Care
Oxygen concentration monitoring
Skin temperature monitoring and servo-control
Integrated suction unit
Integrated oxygen therapy
Integrated manual resuscitator
Integrated Air/O2 Mixer
Integrated humidifier
Integrated ventilator


Each base model can be personalized with the following accessories at purchase:

  • Double Wall Hood
  • IV Pole
  • Pivoting Shelf
  • Skin Temperature Module
  • Oxygen Module
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Baby Head Immobilizer
  • Compressor
  • Aspirator
  • Compressor/Aspirator
  • Cylinder Support
  • Standard Trolley
  • Self-Loading Trolley
  • 12VDC Power Cable

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