For overhead temperature control of newborns

The Antares Warming Lamp is an overhead device to provide a temperature-controlled environment to newborns for use over cradles and neonatal changing tables.

It consists of a 350W radiant quartz tube radiant heater, a halogen lamp illumination system and a control unit. Antares has three operating modes:

  • In Manual Mode the operator sets the heating level. Safety features include an acoustic alarm.
  • In Automatic Mode the operator sets the desired skin temperature of the patient (range: 23°C – 38°C). The radiant heat level is regulated by a servo-control unit that monitors the baby’s skin temperature using a dedicated probe.
  • The Pre-Heating Mode provides heat at 30% of the maximum heating output.

Illumination system is provided by four 20W white light halogen lamps.

The apparatus is mounted on a height-adjustable stand with a steel base that has a footprint of 0.4m2. The Antares Warming Lamp weighs 19kg.


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