GINEVRI offers all the technical support services for its equipment through its authorized distributors. They will take care to receive and resolve all your requests for technical support.

GINEVRI provides its distributors the opportunity to attend periodical training and upgrading courses in healthcare facilities and in its headquarter in Albano Laziale (Rome) to meet the following requirements:


-Update on technical knowledge of devices, periodic maintenance operations, knowledge and possession of protocols and checklists to conduct these operations, in accordance with the instructions provided with the devices;

-Training in control and verification systems of the operations that must be performed on each device;

-Insurance of full compliance with the Directive 93/42/EEC, also for the post-market surveillance and tracking of devices;

-Presence of qualified trained and constantly updated personnel on our devices.


This provides the maximum value of our equipment and, consequently, a minimal responsibility for the user.

Technical Assistance

The customer can request any technical intervention on GINEVRI’s products to our closer authorized distributor.

Our head quarter team always assists and support our distributor’s technicians during the repair process of any possible malfunction and failure detected in the use of our equipments.

Original spare parts and consumables

GINEVRI provides the availability of original spare parts and consumables to its distributors for all its products. The customer can refer to them for any request of the material.

This is essential in order to perform operations on the device, without altering the original conditions of safety and functionality, which would cause the decay of the CE mark. 

Training and Upgrade

A full knowledge of the medical devices provides greater experience, increases efficiency and productivity in the healthcare facilities, helping to maintain at constant level the safety product standards. For this reason GINEVRI provides its customers and distributors the opportunity to attend training and upgrading courses both at the customer that at headquarters in Albano Laziale (Rome).

Our technicians will form the medical staff on our devices, their use and the most frequent problems as required, to ensure the proper use of the equipment.

Furthermore through this website you can register to our newsletter to receive periodic technical and commercial informations about our products and about the related most recent and important scientific publications.

GINEVRI has always invested in research and development to such an extent that the company is accredited to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO13485:2012 quality standards and all products comply the relevant European Directives for CE marking.

Repairs at our laboratories

The customer can send the equipment at our laboratories in Albano Laziale (Rome) through our closer authorized distributor, if the damage can’t be solved there by the distributor’s technicians or at its laboratories.

Our headquarter’s team will restore the original performances of device and will send it back to the distributor, after following all the proper check out procedures required by the quality standards.