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Resuscitation Trolley

The Resuscitation Trolley is an easy and useful product which permits to have a complete portable set of instruments for the first support for baby with respiratory distress. It is suitable both for delivery and post-delivery rooms, special care baby, neonatal intensive care units and everywhere it is needed. The Trolley (Code Number 13101A70) consists of a stand with 4 Wheels, an IV Pole, a basket for containing consumable material, handle and mounting bracket for the devices.

It's designed to carry the following devices in a safe and effective way:

  • Baby Start Resuscitator (Code Number 7236)

  • Air/O2 Blender (Code Number 12409A70)

  • Wetty Humidifier (Code Number 8049)

  • Air cylinder 3l (Code Number 7436)

  • Oxygen cylinder 3l (Code Number 7753)

The Trolley can be equipped with different available combinations of products:

  • Air/O2 Blender + Baby Start + Wetty: Resuscitation with heated and humidified gas

  • Air/O2 Blender + Baby Start: Resuscitation without heated and humidified gas

  • Air/O2 Blender + Wetty + Nasal Cannula: High Flow System Oxygen Terapy

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