Products - Infant Warmers

A basic requirement for therapy and treatment of newborns, and in particular Low Birth Weight newborns, is to have a temperature controlled environment. To achieve this goal there are currently many methods which require the use of various devices, among which the most common, other than incubators, are the Infant Warmers. That is to say, open incubators with infrared radiant heating. These are most often used in delivery rooms and in intensive therapy center. This system, which allows fast and easy access to the patient to the newborn, is the most used and efficient method for maintaining both the baby’s body and the bed at an ideal temperature. The infrared heating system makes it possible to minimize heat dispersion, thus ensuring the maximum comfort for the baby and the stabilization of the micro-climate environment surrounding the Baby. If you add to that its quietness, these apparatus become the most adapted and safe for the little patient’s optimum health. The Alhena Series of Infant Warmers are considered the best for the “adept to work” personnel because they allow a more direct control of the temperature, observation and also free access to the baby to carry out, in the most efficient way, reanimation, oxygen therapy, and the execution of medical procedures which call for more than one person to be working at the same time.